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About Jo

With over 5 years experience in private gardening and maintenance service as well as property management, Jo has left successful footprints in small and large gardens around the Greenwich & Bexley boroughs. Plants, trees and lawns at Jo's customers sites show healthy improvement and beautiful flower arrangements. Jo also helps shareholder communities of larger residential areas to keep on top of their maintenance needs.


Jo will visit each new customer to view the garden or property discuss the possible improvements and services before providing an individual quotation.

Gardening Service

Quality Gardening Service


  • Landscaping


  • Pruning


  • Lawn Maintenance and Treatment


  • Weed and Pest Control


  • New Home Owner Garden Makeover

Reliable Property Maintenance

  • Maintenance Scheduling


  • Stakeholder Management


  • Supplier Management


  • Small Repair Service


  • Communal Area Cleaning Service

Maintenance Service

How do I get my Gardening Service?


Contact Jo's Green House


Franz-Josef Conrads

Jo's Green House

c/o Clean 2 Shine

9 Ivedon Road

Welling Kent

DA16 1NN

United Kingdom



Phone: 0788 961 5922


Company Tax Registration Nº: 28277 93417 

Master Tradesman Insured


Listed in the Bexley directory.

Dear customer, Thank you for your enquiry. Your details were sent successfully! We'll be in touch very soon. Kind regards, Jo from Jo's Green House

It is all easy and convenient for you. You phone or email me as per details further up on the page. Alternatively, I get in touch with you if you leave me a message on the email form. We will meet and discuss the scope of your garden improvement or maintenance project. I always like to visit a garden or property that I am asked to service and maintain before providing a quotation. We will talk about your priorities, so I give you a bespoke recommendation that meets your need and budget.

What's included in the Maintenance Service?

Our Maintenance Service, as the word suggests, includes all sorts of care and repair services to maintain your property in a clean, orderly, functioning status to give you that peace of mind. As part of our Maintenance Service I manage required service suppliers, select and monitor their service offer for you. Think of your Builder, Plumber, Electrician, Decorator or Chimney Sweep. You can sit back and relax, while I deal with them individually to get you the best quality service offer. You in return pay me an hourly rate and I manage all required services in a timely and controlled way, based on your budget and aligned requirements. Cost for services will be aligned with you and I recommend based on quotations and comparison of service quality and charged out to directly by the selected service supplier. I can help with the handling and management of these service arrangements.

Do you service clients with different language needs?

We are proud to be servicing an international client base with properties in London and Kent and can discuss your needs in English and German.

Do you bring your own equipment?

We are fully equipped to service most of your gardening, maintenance and cleaning needs with own tools, but some clients prefer that we use their equipment. We are flexible to accommodate whichever way and will discuss this in our first meeting.

What happens when I have to cancel short notice?

Live is unpredictable and the unexpected can happen. Not to worry. If you happen to be unable to receice my service, please notify me immediately. We can certainly arrange for an alternative day when it is convenient for you.

Just a note on short notice cancellations: When I have already travelled to your location at the time you notify me I may have to charge you the travel cost to reimburse for these expenses.